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Being Asian during the Coronavirus pandemic + a letter to my fellow diasporic Asians

During the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve had to see and experience a lot of blatant racism and harassment, even from our president himself, who is calling this the “Chinese virus.” When I coughed in class, students joked by saying, “Oh no, we’re all going to get Coronavirus now!” A man moved away from me on theContinue reading “Being Asian during the Coronavirus pandemic + a letter to my fellow diasporic Asians”

I’m With Her (The Earth)

Western culture is based accumulating power through monetary wealth, material goods and the creating a hierarchy of living creatures. Women are placed under men, people of color are placed under Europeans, animals are placed under humans and the Earth is placed under personal wealth and power. Humans, and only certain types of humans, live atContinue reading “I’m With Her (The Earth)”

I Wish to Sleep Alone

My name is Celeste. I am 21 years old, and I am an extrovert. My Myers-Briggs type is ENFP, which means extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. I love meeting new people, feeling new sparks, and going through new experiences. But I have found that my discomfort grew as I felt a rising obligation to stayContinue reading “I Wish to Sleep Alone”

Why Are We Lonely?

Dealing with loneliness is a common topic we hear about when it comes to growing up and becoming an adult. A lot of people say they find different ways to deal or cope with it, though many of these mechanisms result in self-harm. Where does loneliness stem from? The feeling of loneliness can arise fromContinue reading “Why Are We Lonely?”

Materialism and Me

Growing up, I loved to collect things. I collected quite a lot of things, actually: foreign coins, buttons, crystals, plants, CDs, piles of tea that I could never finish, books, lipsticks, vintage finds from the thrift store, letters, and anything with Hello Kitty on it. I was also an avid crafter, so I had anContinue reading “Materialism and Me”

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