Octadyne Systems Marketing Internship

Starting March 2018, I began working as the marketing intern for Octadyne Systems and their daughter company, AutoJini, in Ames, Iowa. I worked full-time during the summer of 2018 and 2019 (40 hours/week) and part-time during the school year (20 hours/week).

Octadyne Systems is a technology company that creates and designs websites for businesses and offers web consulting services. AutoJini is a web-based software suite of solutions used by automobile dealerships in the US and Canada that includes building websites, digital marketing services, and more.

My main task was to write weekly blog posts and articles for Octadyne Systems and AutoJini for April 2018-May 2020.

The topics for these blog posts were for technology, ColdFusion, marketing and the automotive industry with the goal of using keywords to bring more visitors to the company site and boost our SEO.

My other duties as the marketing intern included but were not limited to:

  • I wrote content for web pages for clients (SEO and strategy-focused).
  • I regularly updated the content on AutoJini.com and Octadyne.com to keep up with SEO trends and re-designing the pages to generate more clicks.
  • I optimized title tags, meta tags and descriptions regularly.
  • I managed the Twitter and Facebook accounts for Jerry Haggerty Chevrolet and Haggerty Auto Group from March 2018-January 2019 on Hootsuite.
  • I managed the social media accounts for Octadyne Systems and AutoJini from March 2018-May 2020 including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • I wrote content/copy for Google Ads, managed bids researched keywords and maintained Google Ads campaigns for multiple clients.
  • I trained myself in Google Ads and received certifications in Google Ads Fundamentals, Mobile Ads and Shopping Ads.
  • I sent out monthly newsletters and holiday cards to our clients.
  • I trained myself in Google Analytics to analyze data and create reports for the company and our clients.
  • I wrote the scripts for AutoJini’s YouTube videos and wrote the content for the slides that were used.
  • I helped design and implement new websites for clients. This included writing new content for all pages on new websites, or re-writing existing content from the clients’ old websites.
  • I edited, proofread and rewrote articles from my coworkers.
  • I created email marketing campaigns for AutoJini and Octadyne Systems. I wrote the content for marketing emails, came up with the designs and analyzed the reports.
  • I wrote and released press articles for Octadyne Systems and AutoJini.
  • I created brochures and marketing materials for Octadyne Systems and AutoJini.

Octadyne Systems Website Redesign

I was in charge of redesigning the entire website for Octadyne Systems. My tasks included writing new content for the pages, coming up with each page layout and basic design, optimizing the site for SEO, user experience (UX) and more. I worked directly with the web programmer and graphic designer on this project.

Launch of Campaigner8.com

Octadyne Systems launched Campaigner8, their email marketing software, as a new daughter company, in January 2020. I was in charge of launching the new website which included writing all content for the new website, keyword research and search engine optimization, design and layout, quality assurance and more.

I was also in charge of the marketing campaign for the launch of Campaigner8 which consisted of marketing emails, social media, blog posts and Google Ads.

Retirement Community Solutions Redesign

I was in charge of redesigning the entire website for RetirementCommunitySolutions.com. I laid out the layout on documents with all the content, keywords, page functions and picture ideas and sent them to the web programmers.

AutoJini Sub-Pages Redesign

I re-designed all inner pages and feature pages of AutoJini.com to update them for current SEO trends, better user functionality and to make them look better in general.

Email Marketing

I wrote the content for email marketing campaigns and newsletters. I created outlines using Microsoft Word to create templates and worked with the graphic designer to create the layout.