Advocacy Through Art

I am a visual storyteller and communicator. I am a senior in journalism and mass communication with a photojournalism and multimedia focus at Iowa State University. I am a writer, photographer and environmentalist using words and photographs to document history, inspire hope and spark change.


Writing & Reporting

My professional writing experience includes weekly beat reporting, political reporting, science and technology communication, blog posts, feature writing, articles, web content creation and more.


I have 2 years of professional experience in copywriting and content marketing, PPC/Google Ads management, SEO, email marketing, social media content, graphic design and more. I am certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics and Hootsuite.


My core focus of communication is through visual media because I believe it leaves the biggest impact to the viewer. I’ve worked as a student photojournalist and as a freelance photographer. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.

About Me

I am an avid lover of books and films. I especially believe that literature reaches us in ways that other mediums can’t. I think that’s why I’ve always wanted to become a writer.

My cat Dubu (tofu in Korean) is my best friend, and she is often the subject of my photography. She teaches me something new every day.

I like to cook, go on walks, enjoy solo photography adventures in nature and collect vintage glass cups.

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